We try to get up to Algonquin Park a couple times a year. Usually May, Victoria Day weekend and in the Fall for the changing of the leaves. When we make it for the Thanksgiving weekend we love to head to Dorest because it’s such a relaxing drive from the park with amazing foliage and rock formation which make some great shots! And if possible we love to go to the Dorset tower to view the breath taking view of the fall colours. It is truly second to none!! Words cannot do it justice. Be warned though….try to go early because this is a very popular spot. The town itself is very quaint with great shops and the friendliest people.! And if you are as lucky as we were you will even make a new friend while visiting!! We love Dorset and will be back!! Who knows, one day we may live up there too. It’s worth the drive to Dorset!

- Katherine Breddy

A must see stop for every traveller! Very warm and welcoming people with so much to do, year round!

- Selby Meek

The quaint village of Dorset offers genuine country charm in every way; local pride in their heritage is displayed in art, festivals and community spirit overall. People are so friendly and welcoming be it in the famous Robinson’s General Store or any one of the local eateries. Dorset is a “go to” spot for visitors and cottagers!

- Bobbie Dyment

Had a great day in downtown Dorset yesterday. “Stares”, June Johnson’s store is having an amazing sale so I shopped for over 2 hours, then watched the snowmobiles, wandered around the skating rink and lamented the fact that my skates weren’t up here and then enjoyed the cocktail hour with some very special friends and neighbours. Love being here right now!!!

- Brenda Turnour, via Facebook 2015